Lucia Vogel announces her                   2020 candidacy for               Minnesota's   5th District                                         for                              .........U.S.Representative.......

Lucia Vogel for US Congress 5th District in Minnesota 2020 introduction.

Please send donations to the Committee at the address at the bottom.

In this video it is stated:
"My name is Lucia Vogel and I am running for the 5th District in Minnesota for the US Congress. I am originally from Honduras. Married to Ronald Vogel. Has two children in the military. And if you vote for me I am passionate about women's rights, homeless in America, a new immigration law, limited of government over the people and their business, and limited for senators an congress. If you vote for me I will be the new voice in the US Congress. Thank you."

Prepared and paid for by the Committee to Elect Lucia Vogel to Congress, PO Box 21489, Columbia Heights, Minnesota 55421.

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